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Tourism - Digital Promotion
We work with the different tools and means you need to better promote your brand, product or service. And we do it as experts in the tourism industry. Because we know the limitations and constraints of this sector in Portugal we have prepared a set of services with which you can solve a specific problem or simply test us.

We believe that to be successful in this digital world you will benefit from a global strategy, in order to stimulate a permanent interaction between the different channels, be it physical or online. That is why we defend the use of our services in a joint way. But we also know that it is easier to tackle one challenge at a time. That is why we have simplified our offer, to make it easier for you.

Do you want traffic or notoriety? More leads and/or more sales? This should be your first decision in order to make your SEM and/or “display” campaign successful.
Having a strong online presence demands a knowledge of your target audience and a good dominance over digital marketing tools.
Optimizing your website to search engines is vital for your success online. In one sentence, it will bring you more traffic, more leads and more clients.
The internet is the ideal medium to interact with your customers – present and future. And right now many of them are on their favourite social network.
A travel agency or hotel website has to be a lead-generating machine, and to be able to convert those leads into sales. That’s what we do at LXconsult.
Be where your clients are. Nowadays, and ever more so, your clients are online, reading magazines, brochures and books through their tablets.
How can you effectively communicate with your clients – current and potential? An email is the simplest and cheapest way.
The internet is made of content and, ever more so, of the recognition the quality of those contents. A blog dedicated to your specific field of action will bring credibility to your business and offers.
The internet is a powerful communication tool. Through it people express their opinions: good or bad or simply agnostic.
Someone said that it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him the fish. It’s an unbeatable logic for those willing to bet on their teams.
And there is nothing more mobile and personal than your cell phone. At LXconsult we work to make your online presence accessible to those who are away from a computer while travelling.
Contents may be texts, images, multimedia… they may be funny, appealing or serious. But they should all contribute to bring in more traffic and more clients


Our mission is to activate the business of Portuguese tourism companies, using the means, the tools and the knowledge provided by our professionals and consultants. We want hotels, travel agencies, rent-a-car companies and other actors in tourism to enhance their direct sales, to augment their conversions and to participate with profitability in the new distribution channels.



The complexity of digital promotion may be simplified through the best techniques on the market and their constant update. At LXconsult we work these areas daily. We are an agent that can bring you more traffic, more leads, more sales, with the big advantage of having the capacity to constantly measure your results. We are measuring fanatics and we are eager to help you with our experience in these channels and our knowledge of the tourism sector.

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