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Digital Marketing

Do you want traffic or notoriety? More leads and/or more sales? This should be your first decision in order to make your SEM and/or “display” campaign successful.

At LXconsult we know the best strategies to make your investment pay off on the different digital marketing campaigns.

Clients search

Activating a marketing campaign on search engines (SEM) with highlight to Google is a powerful instrument to get more traffic and more results, with the capacity of minutely measuring everything according to the intended goals.

At LXconsult we have Google Adwords certified professionals that will help you to plan and manage your campaign while taking full advantage of the best solutions available, whether they are search result or display campaigns.

Remarketing and Retargeting

We also work with remarketing or retargeting techniques along with the best partners to bring you the best results. Do you wish to contact someone who has visited your website, or with someone who has abandoned the sale process to retrieve the client and finish the sale?

We plan and we implement

When doing a SEM campaign, we will start by analysing your goals and, based on that and on our experience, we will draw the campaign strategy with you. After approval and agreement, we will create the contents for the campaign. Our contents and design teams will work on all the contents required for the success of the campaign, and including elements of "display" (banners and others) and eventual "landing pages".

A SEM campaign will benefit from being attached to other strategies on your website, namely SEO, email campaigns, or social networks. At LXconsult we know the tourism sector and how to work effectively and collaborative with your teams and your current suppliers.

Business Strategy
Brand and traffic (20%)
Leads (20%)
Sales (60%)
*How this technique will improve your business


Our mission is to activate the business of Portuguese tourism companies, using the means, the tools and the knowledge provided by our professionals and consultants. We want hotels, travel agencies, rent-a-car companies and other actors in tourism to enhance their direct sales, to augment their conversions and to participate with profitability in the new distribution channels.



The complexity of digital promotion may be simplified through the best techniques on the market and their constant update. At LXconsult we work these areas daily. We are an agent that can bring you more traffic, more leads, more sales, with the big advantage of having the capacity to constantly measure your results. We are measuring fanatics and we are eager to help you with our experience in these channels and our knowledge of the tourism sector.

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