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Digital Tourism Management

Having a strong online presence demands a knowledge of your target audience and a good dominance over digital marketing tools.

An online business has specificities that, well managed, will guarantee your success.

At LXconsult we combine the experience of more than 12 years on online sales in Portugal to the constant search for the best tools and means to allow your business to be successful on new channels.  We know the tourism market and its specificities, and we follow its evolution be it in terms of product suppliers and their direct sales, in terms of general distribution suppliers such as OTA's, Meta search engines or comparison websites.


Knowing the market and its tendencies

We know that the internet has different growth rates and different patterns of usage depending on the country with which you are working. We know how to read those signs and adapt our solutions to the markets with which you want to do business.

We know that travel consumers today are online not only on computers, but also on their tablets and smartphones, and we want to help you to make your product available where your clients are.

We are always ready to talk about what better suits your business so that it can sell online. We do not represent technologies, booking systems or search engines, nor any other supplier you may need. That way we can maintain our total independence and commitment to whatever you may assign us, which usually is to make your online business grow.


Knowing, evaluating, planning, executing

We can help with an initial global evaluation of your online presence - meaning your website, your online communication, your presence on social media. From that evaluation we will give you a diagnosis and a set of solutions that will help you make your online business grow, according to the parameters discussed on an initial meeting. Once your concrete needs are identified, we will be able to help you on the areas you feel that need a boost.

We can also concentrate on more specific situations concerning your online performance, namely the ones you feel as a priority, from SEO, SEM and social media, to email marketing and beyond.


We want to help you on whatever you may need for your company's online area.

Business Strategy
Brand and traffic (100%)
Leads (100%)
Sales (100%)
*How this technique will improve your business


Our mission is to activate the business of Portuguese tourism companies, using the means, the tools and the knowledge provided by our professionals and consultants. We want hotels, travel agencies, rent-a-car companies and other actors in tourism to enhance their direct sales, to augment their conversions and to participate with profitability in the new distribution channels.



The complexity of digital promotion may be simplified through the best techniques on the market and their constant update. At LXconsult we work these areas daily. We are an agent that can bring you more traffic, more leads, more sales, with the big advantage of having the capacity to constantly measure your results. We are measuring fanatics and we are eager to help you with our experience in these channels and our knowledge of the tourism sector.

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