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Qualifying your team

Someone said that it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him the fish. It’s an unbeatable logic for those willing to bet on their teams.

At LXconsult we are credited to act in all areas of digital promotion, but we understand that in the medium and long run, after identifying and testing your priorities, it's ideal to make your teams involved and leading certain areas. 
That's why we are available to coach your team on the most diverse subjects, from SEO, SEM, to social networks and other areas you find useful.

To coach is to motivate your human resources

In the multiple reactions we have to this proposal, the most common is that coaching is not necessary and that self-teaching will do the trick. We believe that it is a natural reaction, but if your intention is to lead your digital promotion with professionalism and continuity, keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, then you should invest on your human resources.

Invest on your team and increase sales

Training your team is probably the best investment you can do. With it you will increment the strength of your online presence which will reflect on your results and sales.

In any training session we will discuss with you the most important contents to explore, and all training will all be leaded by Raul Gonçalves.

Business Strategy
Brand and traffic (30%)
Leads (30%)
Sales (40%)
*How this technique will improve your business


Our mission is to activate the business of Portuguese tourism companies, using the means, the tools and the knowledge provided by our professionals and consultants. We want hotels, travel agencies, rent-a-car companies and other actors in tourism to enhance their direct sales, to augment their conversions and to participate with profitability in the new distribution channels.



The complexity of digital promotion may be simplified through the best techniques on the market and their constant update. At LXconsult we work these areas daily. We are an agent that can bring you more traffic, more leads, more sales, with the big advantage of having the capacity to constantly measure your results. We are measuring fanatics and we are eager to help you with our experience in these channels and our knowledge of the tourism sector.

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