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SEO 2.0

Optimizing your website to search engines is vital for your success online. In one sentence, it will bring you more traffic, more leads and more clients.

We are not magicians, but we know the best techniques to make a potential client find your website, your services and everything you have to offer. We work on website optimization for search engines (with emphasis on Google and Bing), so that finding your website becomes an easy task.

Brand, popular terms and "long tail"

When our clients look for our service, the first question is usually the brand's rank on search results. In general, a potential client is not looking for our brand (especially since we are not Coca-Cola or Ferrari) but he is looking for something he needs - "accommodation in Lisbon", "trip to Cape Verde", "place to rest". These are highly popular and therefore highly competitive key-words, but there are also other more specific search terms such as "hotels in Lisbon with wifi" that should be a part of your natural search engine placement strategy, since specificity can convert more.

Demanding strategy
In these situations, your natural placement strategy becomes more demanding in its planning and execution. At LXconsult we know the best way to help you, providing you with services that respond to the needs of internet users today.

To plan and to execute

Within the framework of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we can analyse your website and discuss with your team the services that can give you a competitive advantage, thus creating a strategy for your website's natural placement, working on key-words that will bring you traffic, leads and sales.
We can operate on one single time, leaving you with the information you need to enhance your website's natural placement, or on a more effective approach we can monitor your website during a given time-span, according to specific goals. On this second option, we can operate not only on the website, but also "off-page", creating and executing a Relevant Linking Strategy.

Constant gain

Permanently using SEO strategies will improve your website's natural placement and get you more clients. Operating in a constant way means always measuring results and adapting the strategies accordingly. You can count on us to help you with your website's SEO.

Business Strategy
Brand and traffic (30%)
Leads (30%)
Sales (40%)
*How this technique will improve your business


Our mission is to activate the business of Portuguese tourism companies, using the means, the tools and the knowledge provided by our professionals and consultants. We want hotels, travel agencies, rent-a-car companies and other actors in tourism to enhance their direct sales, to augment their conversions and to participate with profitability in the new distribution channels.



The complexity of digital promotion may be simplified through the best techniques on the market and their constant update. At LXconsult we work these areas daily. We are an agent that can bring you more traffic, more leads, more sales, with the big advantage of having the capacity to constantly measure your results. We are measuring fanatics and we are eager to help you with our experience in these channels and our knowledge of the tourism sector.

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