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A Portugal magazine

PTZINE is Portugal's way of welcoming you from afar, wherever you are! 

Each week we dive into one beautiful Portuguese location, presenting you with breath-taking photography and fresh articles about our country's best kept secrets, from our endless coastline to our countryside's most beautiful sceneries. 

In the words of André Pipa - "Straight to the point: what moves us, what makes us run? One word, one country: Portugal. Our goal is to show you Portugal. Its charms, its specificities, its secrets, and the stories we feel are worth telling. PTZINE is a travel and geographic culture magazine, dedicated to one of the most fascinating countries in Europe. Thought about, written and photographed by Portuguese, but directed to the world. A 500 year-old habit of ours. We want to show Portugal, especially to those who have never been here, so that you can see what you have been missing out."

Open now the window to Portugal's best views.

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PTZINE - Portugal Magazine is a weekly travel and culture iPad magazine issued by LXconsult, as a way to bring you what we most love about Portugal.

Each week we will explore one underlying subject that we hope you'll enjoy and find useful, while planning your trip to Portugal or during your stay with us. Each issue is a fresh addition to your ever-growing collection of the best Portugal has to offer, permanently available for download on PTZINE's app.

Created by a dream-team directed by André Pipa, renowned Portuguese journalist specializing in tourism and traveling, PTZINE is the result of passionate contributions of several Portuguese writers and photographers. 

We usually say that the Portugal you see in PTZINE is not the one in touristic brochures - this is the real deal, the country we love and are proud share with our friends.


For more information about PTZINE visit us on facebook or give us a call:

tel: +351 21 757 55 14


Managing Editor:
Marta Fonseca



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